Blackhorse horsemanship

Posted on: Mon, 01/29/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa

Back home after a fab day with the Blackhorse horsemanship group today organised by the very awesome Karolynna. Love this group to bits they try their hearts out and most importantly they practice in-between workshops, Everyone has made some massive improvements in both themselves and their horses :D

Well done guys, just don't blame me if you now cannot walk.

Also well done to Karolynna for her brilliant first ride out on Beau - who shall we say has had issues in the past with previous riders, so yesterday we went for a trail ride around the village, Beau was awesome however Sara who I was riding was completely and utterly useless as chaperone, her mind was on being in season, so she panicked when we got left behind and we had to jog like we were on pogo sticks to catch up - then when we caught Beau up, we went into snail speed and did the stiff legged, wet nappy walk, Beau was completely oblivious to her wooing attempts however! Better luck next time Sara!

See you next month peeps.