Competition wrap up

Posted on: Sun, 04/29/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa

Well that was a rollercoaster of a day!!   Big class of 12 we managed to get a very respectable 3rd in dressage then went onto stupidly eliminating myself in the ease of handling at the very last obstacle - didn’t feel too bad as there were a number of other people getting eliminated too but we came back in the speed very well indeedy.

Couldn’t fault my boy - pilot may need more work.  Feel I might be paying for it in my lesson with Paulo tomorrow. Anyone telling you that working equitation is easy is lying! It’s technical and there’s loads of places to get eliminated - it most definitely isn’t handy pony for adults but what it is is tremendous fun.

Well done Skeeter - mum will get her act together for next time.