Equine catalogue woes

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2017 - 00:00 By: lisa

An equine catalogue came in the post today for the people who used to live here, OMG all the things I didn’t know I needed! My numnahs have to match my fly hoods which also have to match my bandages :/

I have an array of sticky saddle pads, non sticky saddle pads or ones with bamboo soft lining. There are boots for every joint on every leg, there are lambskin ear plugs for my horse along with a lambskin noseband protector pad - yeah really! I can even buy a funky bionic wrench for the studs in the shoes i don’t have and then I can spray glitter on my horse’s hooves.

Crikey if i needed all that i’d never get on the damn horse, there just wouldn’t be enough hours in the day left!