Happiness is a horse

Posted on: Tue, 07/03/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa

For the last few days I've been learning an awful lot about Vaquero style and here Lisa demonstrates how to put in on in, well, style. I feel that really out to be in big. bold caps but maybe a bit much for a Sunday morning, especially one after Friday's late-night karaoke and last night's glam rock concert at my accommodation.


Irrespective of the politics of riding to hounds, one of the more ridiculous arguments trotted out is the criticism of it's dress code. Quite apart from it's practical consideration, it is required off participants that they are smartly turned out as a mark of respect for the hosts and owners of the land they will cross.

In that respect - nae pun - it is no different to any other function applying a dress code, from pubs and clubs with 'no trainers' rules to certain restaurants who insist male diners must wear a jacket and tie at all times. Don't know for sure as I've never been, but I think events like Wimbledon Tennis apply a dress code that must be adhered to gain entrance.

I've touched on the significance of making an effort with one's appearance from a photographer's perspective a few times recently and I feel more people should follow Lisa's lead and make the effort as a mark of respect for the expert who has travelled thousands of miles so that you might benefit from his knowledge and experience.