2019 Summer roundup

Posted on: Fri, 10/11/2019 - 12:37 By: lisa

Well summer went out with a bit of a bang literally - as coming home from one of my external clinics, I was involved in a car crash ( basically I was the meat in the middle of a car sandwich -none of it my fault I might add!)  which put me out of action for a while, but other than that we’ve had a pretty wonderful summer full of clinics and intensives here at Wings Farm.

We saw an increase in people wanting private clinics during 2019 which is great for us and we will be offering more dates for those next year. I am coming across more and more people who are wanting to work either privately or attend with a friend rather than ride in a big group. The intensives are focused solely on you and your horse, working from where you’re at and at a speed you can keep up with. We work on the things you want to work on and also the things you NEED to work on but in a very low stress way.  Private clinics at Wings Farm are great if you want a break from the norm or want a learning holiday with your horse or if you just want to spend time with your horse in wide open spaces.  Contact us for details and available dates.

Jeff Sanders visited us again to do a couple of clinics, Its always great fun when Jeff arrives, and its been really lovely to watch regular students improve over the years we have been running these clinics. Jeff will be running 2 more clinics in 2020 the dates can be found on our events page and bookings are now being taken.

Steve Halfpenny also gave a clinic here in July, this was very well attended and I’m pleased to say Steve will be back again in August 2020, again bookings are being taken now and the dates are on the events page.

Details for both Jeff and Steve’s camps will be available very soon!

We were fortunate enough to host a clinic day for Holly Barber too, for those who don’t know who Holly is,  well she is rank 6th in the world of working equitation and is the UK’s top working equitation rider, this was a fabulous day with individual lessons going on throughout the day. In 2020 we will be holding more training clinics as well as some training competitions.

Autumn sees us holding some classroom workshops the first one being 27th October with Kim Matthews on Zoopharmacognosy. I’ve seen Kim in action and this is pretty amazing work. Horses know exactly what they need!  Come and learn more about this fascinating work. Details can be found on my facebook page as well as on the website events page.

In November, we will be hosting a level 1 reiki clinic with Hannah Jones who is a reiki master and Masterson body worker, so if you’re into energy therapies then please come and support this one, Details will be coming very soon.

Our horses continue to thrive here at Wings Farm and our newest member of the Bruin family is proving to be a great asset, Famoso came to us last December. He wasn’t the easiest horse and he didn’t have much patience for people either, we’ve had some interesting times with him from standing up on one back leg to running off with me mid Jeff clinic and leaving the arena at canter during one of my lessons with Sue. Difficult horses always make you think more, and this boy has certainly kept me on my toes. One of the hardest things was getting him to be consistent with a good diet. I can’t say he was a happy horse and food was of no real interest to him, After trying all sorts of feeds and experiencing many behavioural issues probably ulcer related, we seem to have settled on a good high calorie, non heating diet and he is steadily putting weight on, with that his temperament is a lot less volatile and we are starting to progress in our work, which is brilliant as this boy has a heap of talent. Famoso will take over from Skeeter on the working equitation front - He is so athletic, and will be amazing IF I can keep his mind with me!

Grace is turning into an incredible horse, she has been the one who taught me the most about being patient! She has packed so much muscle on over the last 12 months and she is becoming stronger and more balanced in her movement - this winter we will be out doing some dressage competitions before trying our hand at working equitation next year. Grace also did extremely well at the 2019 Lusitano breed show, taking best rescue and came second in the cruzado class to a stallion, the comments from the judge were fabulous and very encouraging. More showing for Grace next year!

Gisella, also continues to improve, She too has not been an easy horse and is still rather shut down - Steady progress is being made though and her personality is starting to shine. She appears to like jumping! Hmm, I remember doing that a long time ago!

Skeeter owes me nothing - he worked his heart out for me last year and is enjoying taking life a little easier now while watching the others take over.

What am I doing? Well I’m continuing to learn as much as I can about working equitation and I am doing the judging training courses I have also recently gone onto the UK working equitation instructor list, so I am now offering obstacle training at Wings farm as we have a full set of working equitation obstacles. I also continue my own education seeking out the best horsemen and women in their chosen fields to learn from and this year I had the pleasure of watching one of my lifelong idols Mr Arthur Kottas - He was absolutely everything I hoped he’d be in a horseman and I look forward to learning more from him next year!  I am also working alongside LEAP equine facilitated psychotherapy and learning - I am teaching the horsemanship clinics for their students - I have had a brilliant time with these students and I look forward to doing more with them next year.

Other than all that Life at Wings Farm is a never ending list of jobs to be honest, we continue to slowly and steadily improve this place - The ragwort epidemic that the previous people here left us with is now very much under control - I have actually enjoyed picking the 3 or 4 pieces this year that the weed killer missed rather than picking acres of the stuff! The fields are really starting to look healthy again, next year we will plant a wider variety of grass seeds along with horse friendly herbs and I’m sure there will be more miles of fencing going in too.



Do keep checking my facebook pages along with the website for details of upcoming events.