Silversand 2010

Posted on: Tue, 07/06/2010 - 00:00 By: lisa

The run up to the Silversand clinic was hectic to say the least. Twiggy decided that she had had enough of being IN foal and wanted to get rid of it, and so She decided to foal 4 days earlier than her due date, at 1.35am on Monday 28th June She provided us with a stunning filly foal, which we think may turn out to be a Dunalino, She is palomino with a dorsal stripe and black on her legs.

Mark and I were there for the whole birth, you know you never tire of seeing a foal being born, and it is truly amazing how quick self preservation kicks in, within half an hour the foal was stood up walking around and feeding.

When we could finally tear ourselves away from foal watching we had our work cut out, renovating the house along with building pens and putting tents up in preparation for Steve and Irena coming. The foal kept drawing us back however and then the neighbours came to see her along with all the family and friends, BUT we did get everything done by Thursday lunchtime just in time for the 1st horse arriving in the afternoon.

We were blessed with fantastic weather and had a great turnout of both riders and spectators, Thank you to all who came, the progress made was just brilliant, and there was a real calm but progressive feel to the whole weekend, Angi, one of our liveries came to spectate but after the 1st day couldn't sit watching any longer and so decided to ride instead, Sarah another one of our liveries, made HUGE progress, I am so very proud of her, it has been a long road, but Sarah you looked truly awesome. Dawn, Sarah (another Sarah) Sue, Claire and Helen learnt a lot about feel, there were lots of light bulb moments going on among those five.

Gordon also came again, with his horse Rosie, you have come such a long way Gordon, Rosie does look like a totally different horse. A great time was had by all, BBQ's friday and saturday and apart from smoking the neighbours out with the fire, they were a laugh.

So thank you guys, YOU made the clinic, and thanks to Angi and her mum, for baking millions of buns, they went down a treat! Mark and I hope to see you all again next year.