Winter planning

Posted on: Fri, 10/08/2010 - 00:00 By: lisa

Well the weather is turning and we are planning for the winter, next year is going to be busy. Pepper will not only be shown but she will be helping Steve Halfpenny out with his demos also so I have to get her ready for that.

At the moment she is helping me out as usual by ponying out the babies who are in for starting, her incredible temperament and calmness filters through to the youngsters and once they can find out that they can move freely alongside her they too become calm and braver. She is an incredible asset to our yard. We are also nearly ready to wean Twiggy and her foal, this shouldn't be too difficult since the foal seems to be forever wandering off to the opposite end of the field to her mum, neither seem that bothered about each other! Once we've got the foal away from Twiggy we plan on bringing her back in to work, and maybe even get her out to a show or two before putting her back in foal.

Skeeter is becoming more and more awesome, he is virtually giving me self carriage in all gaits in the hackamore, he is becoming so light I am just having to think about something and he's gone and done it. we just need more hours in the day to work on this more.

Mojo had the abscess from hell, and for a moment I thought he'd broke his leg, as he could not put any weight on it at all, after three days of poulticing it, it finally burst and boy did it burst. It never ceases to amaze me how they can go from not putting any weight on a foot at all to being sound and galloping about again within hours. Im glad to say he seems fine and I'm back riding him, again. Hubble frightened the living day lights out of me the other day, I went to check them in the field to find a HUGE swelling on the inside thigh of his leg, (the one he injured before!) The original injury left his with a very odd gait, he could never stride out as far in walk as he did with his good leg, in trot he looked lame and in canter he favoured one lead, when I saw this new swelling my heart sank, I thought he's done something similar and was busy grovelling around looking for a puncture or some other wound when he'd had enough and ran off, but he ran off sound fully articulating his leg, completely level in trot and using his leg fully with the same length stride as his other. WEIRD! So I rode him and he was fine, and have ridden him regularly since and he's still fine, I think because of the rain we've had the fields have become slippery and when they all go goofing around I think Hubble has done the splits and released whatever it was that was stuck. I've still got the swelling but that is going down with daily lasering, but I cannot grumble, he's sound and able to work again. Now we must take it steady with him and build him up gradually. Inwardly I'm ecstatic but I would really like to know what's going on inside that leg.

WES area 5 are having a training day with me on the 17th Oct at Askham Bryan college, the response was so great that there was a waiting list for that day, So we didn't disappoint, we're going to go back the following week and do another training day. This too is now full, Thank you to all who are coming!

So enough for now, hopefully the weather will be kind to me and allow me to get all these horses ridden on a daily basis, we'll have a report from the WES clinics soon.