Our new arrival!

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2014 - 00:00 By: lisa
Savannah the day she was rescued! She wasn't ready to give up!

So the story goes like this!  My Lovely friend Ruth has two beautiful Lusitano horses whom I sometimes look after while she is away and I give lessons to, We both also have an interest in baroque horses and classical dressage. Now I adore her horses, they are both noble, genuine horses who are a joy to be around, and I have often commented to her about that! So one day she sends me a text to say she has sent me an email about a mare in Portugal who needs help - needs a home! She cannot take her because she couldn't cope with three, but she thought i may be interested  (with 8 horses already!) and she says I NEED to see this horse. I reply, saying I would love to help but I don't see how I could, we already have 8 horses, but thank you for your email and I will have a look later.

Now this text bugged me for the rest of the day and I could no longer stand it, I had to check my emails, Well, that was it! There was this face staring back at me, with her head pressed against a gate, dark empty eyes, wearing nothing but a halter made out of string, you actually cannot see much else, just her face, this was her on the day of her rescue, at the slaughter house - she had been sent for meat. (somehow breeding and  sending horses for meat just doesn't sit right with me) Now that picture got me right in the heart, This picture also appeared on Facebook, with a comment saying that she had given up on life, but somehow thats not what I saw.

The next picture again was a face shot, taken a few months later while she was in the rescue centre, She looked totally different, I actually didn't think it was the same horse, I also saw a side shot of her, and although thin with no muscles there was a nice well balanced 'frame' to work with, and with that I closed my emails and went back to work our other horses. However, that first picture of her head on the gate haunted me all day, She just wouldn't get out of my head, and so I enquired about her. I know- we've got 8, 9 won't be much more work!

So I got chatting with a lovely lady called Kat from the charity 'Their voice Portugal' who said this mare was taken on by one of the volunteers, but her circumstances had now changed and they were looking for someone to adopt her, they already knew about me, (Ruth may have had something to do with this!) and thought we would be a good home for her. Many more messages later, I just had to say get her on the next transporter out of there. And so that is the story so far of how we have ended up with another horse! There are big future plans for her when she arrives, however firstly she will be allowed to settle in, get fatter and allowed to get to know us, but her future is very bright.

She arrives on Friday 10th Oct 2014, so get set to meet her! meanwhile while she's having a nice trip, we are sat here biting our fingernails, anticipating her arrival!