LISA BRUIN, International Horsemanship trainer and instructor

Lisa has spent her life working with horse; she has travelled worldwide working and training with some of the world's top horsemen. Last year alone she has trained and spent time with Ray Hunt, Leslie Desmond, Phil Rodey, Philip Nye & Steve Halfpenny.

Lisa offers all types of help from private lessons to multi day clinics. The horsemanship classes are aimed to both the English and Western rider, and clinics are held either at our home through the summer or we will travel to you. Clinics are held throughout the year not only in the UK but also Europe.

Lisa's aim, through her teaching, is to provide the horse owner with knowledge of not only how to produce good quality safe riding horses, but how to move them on to performance level, therefore her lessons are aimed for not only beginners who may just want a safe riding horse but also the more ambitious rider who may want to compete at a high level.

The emphasis of her teaching is to create an understanding between horse and rider, developing trust and confidence right from the start. Along side teaching Lisa helps people with difficult horses and starts youngsters, here, the owners are involved in all stages of their horse's development. In fact we encourage the owners to be present as often as they are able so they are able to see every step of their horse's training, we also offer a back up service once the horse is returned home.