Clinic dates

Posted on: Tue, 01/08/2019 - 00:00 By: lisa

Please bear with me and keep checking back, More dates will be added-

Clinic dates

10th Feb – Hull Clinic,

10th March – Hull Clinic

23rd/24th March – Top Barn clinic

3–6 April – available for intensive *NOW FULLY BOOKED*

13th April – Spring back to work clinic Wings Farm

14th April – Cowboy Dressage workshop Wings Farm

16/17/18th April – Holistic horseworks Level 1 with Jean Whitebread,

28th April – Hull clinic

13–16 May – Available for intensive Now *FULLY BOOKED*

1st June *NEW CLINIC*- Holly Barber Working Equitation training day- Private or shared hourly lessons throughout the day with Holly, Open to all riders whatever your tack, chance to practice what you've learned afterwards, lunch included

20–23rd June inclusive Jeff Sanders clinic *FULLY BOOKED*

29–30th June – Top Barn Clinic

8–10 July – Holistic horseworks level 2 with Jean Whitebread.

12–14th July – Wings Farm summer camp

23–25th July – Steve Halfpenny Clinic *NOW FULLY BOOKED*

4th August – Working equitation training competition Wings Farm - details coming soon,

22–25th August – Jeff Sanders Clinic *FULLY BOOKED*

8th Sept – Hull clinic

21–22nd Sept – Top Barn clinic

6th Oct – Hull clinic

3rd Nov – Hull clinic

1 Dec – Hull clinic

To book:

*Hull clinics please contact Karolynna Tytko via FB
** Top Barn please fo to their FB page
***Wings Farm PM me
****Holistic Horseworks please contact Jean direct