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Posted on: Sun, 10/28/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa

Woohoo :D :D

Little cowpony is up there! - not been the easiest thing to do taking a 14 year old western pony into a completely different discipline within a year I have to say, but its been great fun and a fab year and so far we're 3rd place Nationally!!!! Last competition coming up in a couple of weeks - wish us luck peeps!😬😬

NE League Table

National Championship points tables.

* Points are awarded in relation to placings at each competition. 
number of points awarded for 
1st place = number of competitors in the level throughout the year +2
2nd place = number of competitors -1
3rd place = number of competitors - 2 
and so on ...

* Points from 3 best results (underlined) throughout the year plus points from the final determine final placings for National Championship and ultimately National and Reserve Champion titles. (Presented at End of Year Glitter Party)

* Should a competitor have competed in less than 3 National competitions during the year the points from those competitions + the points from the final can still allow them to have a national title.

* Only riders attending the final of the National Championship qualify for a national title as the points from this competition are what determines the final placings.

The final of the National Championship takes place at Ranelagh Polo Club, Windsor on the 10th and 11th of November. Entries close 1st November.

Any questions - please ask!