Grace and Gisella at their first show

Posted on: Thu, 08/30/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa

The art of laughing at oneself while riding one's mares at their first show! 🤣🤣🤣

So today was one of those ridiculously disastrous days where not a lot went right but we had a laugh anyway, infact it was a "FUBAR" day!

Grace and Gisella at their first show - nuff said 😕

I shall say right now that I didn’t do the tests as they were on the sheet simply because both these horses need WAY more work - like just go forward and preferably canter somewhere on the test and so we came last.

For me today was all about getting the girlies out and about in a different environment SO! I apologise Holly for not being able to get anywhere near you in my dressage with Grace and that you had to have binoculars to see me and her at the other end of the arena because i couldn’t get near you.

Then nearly taking you out on our way out of the arena! - LOL my dressage was more like “made up as we went along” and since we stuck to walk/trot we eliminated ourselves from competition.

Horse 2 - Gisella - I also apologise for not being able to get into the arena or out of it again without standing on our back legs although the bit in the middle was actually not too bad - at least we got “go” - might not have been in the right places but it was go!!  Thank you to the kind person who got me out of the arena!

Round 2 ease of handling - yet again I eliminated myself simply because neither of these two horses had seen obstacles set up as a course and so it felt more like riding fire breathing dragons crossed with a "WTF is that" shy and so we did everything in walk, for me this was about getting around with least stress and a good positive outcome and of course staying on was a bonus. Funnily enough Grace did all the obstacles just fine - Gisella decided some were ok, others she’d like to miss out and at some she’d just stand on her back legs - Hmm, maybe there were reasons she was for sale!!! But we stayed on and got around.

Round 3 - Speed - let just say not exactly speedy whizz but we did break out the trot! I had a hideous day full of fun and laughter taking two horses who had never done anything like this before and who hated each other when we set off this morning, bundled them in a trailer, thrown in strange stables, taken into different arenas, worked among different horses, seen obstacles, bundled back in a trailer again, They kinda like each other now, so all in all a good day and the sausage rolls and oat biscuits were awesome, So I’m happy, 

Thank you so much to Sue and Holly for putting on this event, a lovely low key show in a safe environment, just what is needed for young or inexperienced horses. Everyone has to start somewhere and you can spend a lifetime faffing around at home saying "we’re not ready" blah blah blah and missing out on important education and lessons horses share with us, you also never get the same vibe at home, everything changes when you go somewhere else so this was just the perfect environment for these two lovelies 😀.