Steve Halfpenny clinic final checklist

Posted on: Fri, 07/20/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa

Steve Halfpenny July 25 – 29th

Riders please plan to arrive from 3pm onwards on the 24th if you're travelling from afar. If you're close by and arriving on the 25th we start at 9.30am so make sure you are here and your horse is settled in - we cannot wait for peeps who are late!!

Food!  Tea urn is always on, teas/coffees are provided if you drink anything else then please provide it. 
Bread is available for breakfast toast making for those who are camping.
Lunches are provided by us, 
Evening BBQs each evening - you bring something to put on the BBQ - deep freezers are available for you to store food in. Supermarkets are near by if you need to go out as are saddleries and feed stores so if you’ve forgotten anything we can take a trip out.
Please provide your own alcohol for evenings.

Some simple common sense rules!

1 We are on a water meter - It costs lots of money! Don’t waste water!

2 If you smoke (don't it's not good for your health!) - go in the car park, it is very very dry here and we are surrounded by dry corn fields. Don’t set anything or anywhere on fire because of rule number 1 and I will be annoyed then shit will get real!

3 Please tidy up after yourself, your horse, your dog or your child if you’re bringing one. This is our home and we love it so don’t be a scruff!

4 Immediate off road hacking is available but please do not ride through crops however romantic you might think it is - Deer, pheasants and hares live in the crops and turn your horse in to a bronc ride so stick to the tracks or I will have to face angry farmers!!

5 If you need anything and we don’t have it - don’t moan, whinge or whine, ask and we will try and get it for you :)

6 We’ll all get on fine ( but we do have very deep ditches and plenty of shovels incase anyone steps out of line! ) 

7 Oh, poop! If there is any in the arena, on the yard, in the carpark or in front of you, horse poop, dog poop cat or fox- it's just nasty on your shoe so somebody please pick it up even if its not yours (see rule 3) :)

8 Oh and one more thing! - Let my dogs out at any time - you will die — see comment 6!