Our Independence day, #20

Posted on: Wed, 07/04/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa
Lisa and Mark

So 4th July ! Independence day 1998, 1 pm, Mark and I got married.

We thought it was funny getting married on independence day but none of our family did.  It was a weirdly surreal kinda day, 12.40 pm I was out in my oil covered series 3 Land Rover and still hadn’t come home from having my hair, makeup and nails done (yes folks I know that's hard to believe!) My mum and dad sent search parties out for me, got home to my mum shouting at me for being late and generally going ballistic as the Rolls Royce was picking me up at 12.50.

She shouted at me a lot when I walked in- I couldn’t see what the problem was, I only had a dress to put on. Old soft top Rolls Royce came and picked me and my dad up, only for the window to fall out on the road, so the chauffeur had to stop and run back down the road to get the window frame.

We get to the church and I walk down the aisle, Mark didn’t think he was allowed to turn around to watch his bride walking down the aisle towards him so didn’t ! which i thought “oh well fair enough”.

So we do the deed and get wed, the then we’re off for some food. It was posh food, beef, veggie option and also scallops, however I didn’t have posh friends because they thought scallops were the battered discs of potato you get in fish and chip shops, nearly choking on my dinner because i couldn’t stop laughing at that it was now speech time, Mark stood up - paused for a long uncomfortable length of time, pointed at everybody and said “thank you for coming to my bigly day” and then sat down again leaving a really long weird silence, I looked at him and said is that it?? he didn’t reply — unbeknown to me his mum had plied him with valium to calm his nerves and now the valium was kicking in so he was spaced out.

My dad was going to take over speech time until he looked at me and burst out crying, so it was down to Mark’s dad, who liked public speaking, but no one actually knew what he was going on about, another long weird pause, Best man speech next - that was going well until he had phone calls mid speech asking if we’d actually got married. 

All in all it was a weird day with weird families and weird friends, but 20 years on we’re still here having an equally weird life, we love each other dearly, we’ve shouted at each other and generally pissed each other off, We’ve cried - usually over animals who have left us and we’ve laughed - sometimes uncontrollably when we were meant be serious like at friends dinner parties. But we’re still here ready to charge full steam ahead into the next 20 years and beyond.

Happy anniversary babo!!