Posted on: Sun, 11/04/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa
Ta- da!! Buster is ready to meet some horses 😀😀


Wings farm friends

Posted on: Sun, 10/28/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa

As we race towards winter and things start to slow down a bit, I thought I'd post a little album of our friends from some of the clinics we had here through the summer months.

A little reminder to keep on progressing with your horses- you've all come such a long way and I'm so very proud to know each one of you- and for those who have only just found our page and become our friends then this is the sort of western horse we produce here.

The Association for British Working Equitation

Posted on: Sun, 10/28/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa

Woohoo :D :D

Little cowpony is up there! - not been the easiest thing to do taking a 14 year old western pony into a completely different discipline within a year I have to say, but its been great fun and a fab year and so far we're 3rd place Nationally!!!! Last competition coming up in a couple of weeks - wish us luck peeps!😬😬

NE League Table

National Championship points tables.

Riding Grace

Posted on: Tue, 10/16/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa
Quite possibly the best ride on this lovely girl to date, bridge no problem at trot, bull no problem at trot, no war charge at canter, the belly has gone and yes Grace your bum is getting bigger 


New bridge

Posted on: Thu, 10/11/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa
Horse on a bridge

I've decided that I'm going to have random obstacles all over our yard and so this afternoon I made a bridge out of pallets and floor boards, after nearly giving myself a hernia trying to move it I had to cut it in half.

It's not quite finished yet but I thought we could test it, as you can see the girls look thrilled by the whole process.

Graceful Riding

Posted on: Thu, 09/27/2018 - 00:00 By: lisa
Wow wow wow, Pooped out but still too excited :D:D

Just had the most awesome lesson with Mrs B and this lovely girl to date. I’ve done a ton of canter work lately and so far Grace seems to be sat there saying bring it on mum.

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